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What is a mentor?

Mentorship is personal or professional guidance given by one person to another. It is a highly effective way of sharing knowledge and challenging ways of thinking.

How could a mentor help you?

A mentorship relationship can be powerful. It benefits both the mentor and the mentee, and can help anybody, whoever or wherever they are, who wants to develop, or has a change in their life they wish to make.

Mentoring taps into a basic need most people have: to pass on what they know so that other people can develop and fulfil their potential.

A mentor will help you to:

  • Achieve goals
  • Develop personally and professionally
  • Gain new perspectives

What is the Elevate Mentorship Scheme?

The Elevate Mentorship Scheme is a 6-month programme created to support the professional and personal development of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minorities working within the Hospitality, Food and Drink Sectors.

Our mentors are experienced Senior Leaders, Directors, CEO’s or Entrepreneurs who commit to providing 1 hour per month mentorship, over a six month period.

We provide both Mentors and Mentees with Workshops to support their journey and a careful matching process guarantees that  suitable matches are made.

Applications will be open for the 2022 scheme will open later on this year, and if you would like to join as a Mentor, please get in touch [email protected].

Meet some of our mentors below: