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About Us

Be Inclusive Hospitality CIC, established as a social enterprise and a not-for-profit organsiation, was founded by Lorraine Copes and officially incorporated in July 2020. Our overarching mission is to advance racial equity within the Hospitality, Food & Drink industries.

Be Inclusive Hospitality was founded due to the consistent underrepresentation of people of colour in influential roles and the supply chain. It was born from a commitment to address this disparity and bring positive change.

Positioned as a catalyst for crucial conversations, our social enterprise is dedicated to delivering impactful initiatives that drive transformation within the hospitality, food, and drink sectors.

At Be Inclusive Hospitality, we have evolved into a vibrant community comprising individuals and businesses enthusiastic about collaboration. Together, we are committed to accelerating racial equity throughout the sector. Join us as we strive for a more inclusive and diverse future for hospitality.

Our Goal

Our vision is to foster an inclusive and equitable hospitality sector that embraces individuals from diverse backgrounds and at every stage of their careers.

We are guided by the following values: Authenticity, Respect, Integrity, and Collaboration.

Our overarching goal is to contribute to the upward social mobility of 10,000 employees and 2,000 business owners within our community by the year 2026.


Join our vibrant community dedicated to advancing race equity in hospitality. Become a member, mentor, ambassador, or partner today!

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