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Inside Hospitality Report 2023: Key Insights and Collaborative Efforts to Drive Inclusivity

On June 19th, a landmark event took place in the hospitality industry—the release of the much-awaited 2023 Inside Hospitality Report.

Held at the prestigious Four Seasons Park Lane, this gathering brought together industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to delve into the report’s findings. With 16 distinguished speakers and over 100 guests in attendance, the event revolved around three crucial themes: Leadership, Culture & Careers, Combatting Discrimination at Work, and the Role of Education in Advancing Change.

Founder and CEO of Be Inclusive Hospitality, Lorraine Copes, inaugurated the event, which aimed to showcase the report’s findings and facilitate panel discussions. Stephanie Latham, representing project partner Harri, also took the stage to contribute her insights. The event further featured project partners Professor Alexandros Paraskevas of the University of West London and Professor Ioannis Pantelidis of Ulster University.

Prominent sector leaders, including Bharti Radix, Dorothea Jones, Eva Arnaiz, Gillian Jackson, Kieron Bailey, Lisa Wang, Michelle Moreno, Olajide Alabi, Raj Markandoo, Resh Sonchhatla, Sting Khumalo, and Theo-Lee Houston, participated in engaging panel discussions. Their collective expertise emphasised the need for a comprehensive approach to addressing industry challenges, uniting professionals from academia, technology providers, and the sector itself.

Throughout the event, panellists provided valuable insights, sparking lively conversations, and fostering the exchange of ideas, best practices, and actionable solutions. Themes such as transparency in career opportunities, education on race and ethnicity, and the eradication of racism and discrimination emerged as key discussion points.

By embracing these themes and implementing the recommendations outlined in the report, the hospitality industry can take significant strides towards a future where diversity, equality, and inclusivity are paramount. The launch event served as a catalyst, encouraging collaboration and empowering industry leaders and professionals to work together in creating a more equitable and welcoming hospitality sector.

The event culminated with a closing speech by Lorraine Copes, emphasising the significance of inclusivity in the hospitality industry. Attendees were encouraged to collaborate with Be Inclusive Hospitality to drive meaningful change.

To gain further insights, download the 2023 Inside Hospitality Report. Join the collaborative efforts and contribute to building a more inclusive and equitable future for the vibrant world of hospitality. Get in touch.


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