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To commemorate International Women’s Day (March 8th) and Women’s History Month, Be Inclusive Hospitality is offering free career coaching for women that have worked in hospitality.

Be Inclusive Hospitality is providing 6 one-hour sessions for four women. To be eligible, you must be a woman that has worked in hospitality for a minimum of 2 years and currently unemployed as a result of COVID-19.

For many career coaching is an unknown entity and thus, below is a collection of frequently asked questions.

What is career coaching?

Career coaching is a relationship designed to facilitate the development of your goals, along with developing a plan to achieve those goals.

Career coaching can help people focus on the areas that they want to build up. The aim is to assist to clarify your goals, the skills you need and the path to take to develop yourself.

A career coach will help you to assess your current professional circumstances and support you to honestly scrutinise your situation in a way to take to help you move forward.

A key part of coaching is an approach that is solution-oriented, looking at the challenges faced and looking at remedies to these challenges through actionable steps.

What will I get from career coaching?

In general, clients will often find that they gain confidence, assurance, awareness and inspiration. Many clients benefit from increased insight of their circumstances and also in some cases a reduced level of job-related anxiety. Career coaching is a tool professionals can use to reflect on the current circumstances and consider building a full-proof action plan to move in the desired direction.

Is it the right time for career coaching? Will it be useful for me?

Whilst coaching can and will be helpful at all points in a career, it is especially useful if somebody is feeling stuck at a particular time. With many professionals, career coaching at the start of a career, unemployed or when a person is planning a career pivot is especially useful.

For a recent graduate or an established professional intending to change careers, a coach can help to amplify concrete steps to reach your career objectives in a time where career pathways are becoming more and more complex.

How long does it take to work?

Often people feel a single session of coaching is all that is needed. Career coaching is not a magic potion that solves all career challenges immediately. It usually takes from six to ten hours of coaching for a client to begin accepting and responding to the work done in the sessions.

The common misconceptions?

Below are some common misconceptions about career coaching include the following:

  • The unpacking of the past is central to coaching.

Whilst the past is important, unlike counselling, coaching does consider past habits/behaviours but equally important is looking at current circumstances and making concrete plans to move forward.

  • The onus rests with the career coach to ensure clients achieve their goals

The career coach’s role is to support the client and it is very much a two-way partnership. The coach’s knowledge and experience will be combined with the determination of the client will be pivotal to meeting career objectives however the client will need to illustrate effort and commitment to get the results desired.

  • Career coaching is only for senior professionals

Coaching is great for professionals at any stage of their career. For young professionals, it is a great foundation to build upon at the start of a career. In contrast, for senior professionals, career coaching is great to reflect and potentially make changes that will result in a happier, fulfilled life.

  • Hiring a career coach will always result in a career (or job) change.

Coaching does not always result in a change. In some instances, the outcome of coaching sessions is a realisation and choosing to “stay put” is the best option to reach desired objectives. Alternatively, in some instances, a career change is the best option to reach the sought-after career goals.

If you are unemployed as a result of COVID-19, and would like to receive 6 one-hour sessions free of charge, please enquire via


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