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On Monday 8th March, in celebration of International Women’s Day, the Founder of BIH Lorraine Copes hosted the webinar #choosetochallenge.

The panel was Amani Kiflemariam, the CEO of Amatte, a female-run sustainable food company. Producing coffee and honey, the business empowers African female farmers. Sabrina Gidda, the Executive Chef at Allbright – a women’s member’s club based in London and the U.S. America Brewer, a passionate Winemaker and Owner of Oastbrook Estate Vineyard, a boutique wine producer based in East Sussex.

This event was sponsored by Veuve Clicquot, a champagne brand whose inspirational winemaker Madame Clicquot led a heritage of innovation throughout the 1800s.

The panel shared their unique path into their careers and discussed how purpose and passion has influenced decisions. The panel explored confidence, role models and life after lockdown.

Below Sabrina shares how her view on what a role model is, has shifted over time.

Amani shares with us, the attribute that she is most proud to possses.

America shares with advice that she would offer to her younger self. Her advice was to follow your heart, and not allow others to project their limiting beliefs your way.

Following the generosity of donations from the attendees, BIH are able to offer a 6-week career coaching package to four women from ethnic minority backgrounds, who have been made redundant due to the pandemic. The criteria to be eligible is having worked within hospitality for a minimum of two years.

For more information on what this would entail, click here to read the blog post ‘Career Coaching’.


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