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Thrive In Spirits x Beer Event, 1st August

We hosted the final Club Thrive event on Monday August 1st, combining Thrive in Spirits x Thrive in Beer. We were joined by four incredible panellists to discuss career experiences and the importance of representation within the hospitality industry.

The brilliant discussion with four panellists from the spirit and beer industries happened on the 1st of August. The panel contained Deano Moncrieffe, a multi award-winning consultant and founder of Hacha Bar and Equal Measures, Cyan Wong, a self proclaimed Drinks and Bar consultant, Cocktail sipper, flavour explorer and Dumpling seeker, Tye Biswas, founder of events and consultancy company Sip and Toast, and Lucy Do, micropub owner and entrepreneur at The Dodo Micropub. Our panel was hosted by one of our ambassadors Audrey Annoh-Antwi, Sommelier/Front of House at Planque Restaurant in Haggerston, London.

The conversation began by asking the panellists what they loved about working in the industry. Deano loves being able to positively influence someone’s evening, asserting that bartenders create an important experience for customers. He reiterated there’s a power and responsibility in the job that he takes very seriously, and has fallen in love with having that privilege.


Tye began by explaining how he was shy and very anxious during university, and bartending allowed him to come out of his shell. Focusing his expertise and knowledge into spirits was not just to make a living but a pathway into an entirely new world. In this new world, he soon realised that amongst the many powerful figures in the industry no one looked like him. His competitiveness made him want to change that, so he became the best at what he did.

Additionally, Lucy agreed that for her, working in beer is about bringing people together. On the topic of common misconceptions in the industry, Lucy emphasised that opening a venue is really a lifestyle. She reiterated that you have to be prepared to make sacrifices. Cyan stressed that learning how to set boundaries is important. That commitment to the industry is great for building tolerance and a powerful work ethic, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s important to look after yourself and those that you work with.


It’s a double edged sword for Deano. In some ways, working in the industry exceeded his expectations, and in some ways it is a ‘nightmare’. He never expected to own a multi-award winning venue or create a cocktail that was named seventh best in the world, he’s done that through his dedication to his trade. He stressed he works 23.5 hours a day, and it can be challenging to manage other people. First and foremost, you have to support the people with opportunities for growth and learning, because you have to build people to build business.

Tye emphasised that in this industry, it’s necessary to leave your personal problems at the door. His speciality is attention to detail and he compares it to a performance. That quality is what will separate you from everyone else. He assured the audience that mistakes can be used to make yourself better. They can propel you to work harder and rectify those mistakes with your future actions. When he realised that he wasn’t getting the same opportunities as those around him, he saw an opportunity to set his own tone and his own rules. Whilst it takes a massive leap of faith, Tye stressed the importance of asking for help along the way.


 Cyan encouraged the audience that shouting about your achievements is an important and necessary part of any career. You have to be proud of your accomplishments, and wear them with joy. Cyan stressed that forming connections is so important in the trade, and delegating when necessary is key.

Deano agreed, telling us that his most important skill is people management. He stressed that you have to be able to understand the nuances of relationships and juggling the emotional and time demands around you. Time management is important, even when you don’t have any.


Adding to the discussion of important skills, Tye highlighted adaptability, with both clients and time management. Its crucial to scenario well, and the power of words and communication should not be understated.

When asked what they were most proud of, Lucy names surviving the pandemic which was a common theme. Being made redundant before Covid allowed Cyan to start consultancy properly. Tye mentioned working at Wimbledon, having his menu enjoyed by the likes of the Royal Family. For him, that was a massive feat for him and people like him.
Our Club Thrive events finished with a bang, and we cannot wait to announce the winners of the scholarship places. Applications are open, so get applying!


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