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Lawrence Gregory


Previous Employers
Rum Kitchen, Trailer Happiness and Sweet Chick

Total number of years spent within Hospitality?
12 years.

What do you most enjoy about this industry?
I enjoy being a part of a team, and helping to develop the younger generation, giving them confidence, and allowing them to shine. I also enjoy creating objectives for the teams to achieve, and I am a people person, so enjoy engagement, and the bonding.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Wake up on the morning relatively early  (bar tender early!), I never miss breakfast, which is usually an omelette, coffee, and loads of fruit. I then check my emails, check what I need to do on social media, and head to the gym and from there straight to work, until 12ish, then home and repeat.

Tell us something we might not know about the sector?
Th rum industry makes over a billion pounds in revenue within the UK, each year. This is one of the reasons why I chose to create a niche for myself, and became a rum fanatic.

What has been the single most important piece of advice given to you?
Never be afraid to make a mistake, it is a learning and will contribute to your self improvement.

Three dinner guests of your choice?
Idris Elba, Anthony Joshua, Christian Ronaldo.

Last documentary watched and book read?
The last book is 'The Bar Shift' by Dave Nitzel and David Domzalski.

Finish the sentence, the future in hospitality is……..
Like a circus, its unpredictable, impatient, its exciting, fun, explosive, dramatic, highs and lows, but it is your stage to showcase your talents and your hard work.



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