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Benjamina Ebuehi

Food Creative

Website: Benjamina Ebuehi and The Sister Table

Total years spent working within the industry?
5 -6 years.

How did you get into Hospitality?
I have always loved food and drink in general, so when at university looking for a part-time job, I thought hospitality would be really cool. I was a barista for a couple of years and really enjoyed that.

What do you most enjoy about this industry?
It’s the creativity, flexibility and the people that I get to work with and meet. There is always someone to be inspired by. Being able to use food as an outlet is something that I really enjoy.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Before COVID, I could be working in a co-working space, writing or developing recipes for brands or social media, or in the kitchen testing out recipes and ideas for different client’s work. I could also be on a shoot doing food styling or planning for The Sister Table events.

The single most important piece of advice given to you?
To not compare myself with others, avoid looking  left or right, keep all focus on looking straight ahead.  Early on within my journey, I would 'should'  myself a lot, but now I realise the importance of focusing on your own journey.

Three dinner guests - who would they be?
Nigella Lawson, Yotam Ottolenghi, and one of my favourite teachers at school, my maths teacher. I would thank him for his support, but it would be interesting to discuss the direction that I have taken within my career.

The last book you read or documentary watched?
The last book was ‘Girl, Woman, Other’, which won the Booker prize by Bernardine Evaristo, and I just finished watching the Michael Jordan documentary on Netflix.

Finish the sentence, the future in hospitality is…….
Ready to change, shaken up, and renewed. I think this pandemic could be that catalyst that really shakes things up on many levels. In terms of equality, on the voices that we hear more about, and for lower-paid workers. 



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